Is snow set to disappear due to climate change ?

Is snow set to disappear due to climate change ?

We all love snow. For some reason, snow is beautiful and there is something magical about it. It brings back memories of Christmas, the mountains, sceneries of peace and snowflake-1823942_1920quiet. Snow is the perfect excuse for staying inside and enjoying a cut of hot chocolate. snow-1872069_1920

There is also an entire culture of things to do around snow: snowball fights, building a snowman, dog-sledding, sledding, skiing, and so many more !

Yet, with climate alarmism, some experts seem to affirm that snow is bound to become less and less common and to eventually disappear.

This short article wishes to investigate this claim.  tree-3038465_1920

A CBS article posted on May 2020 informs that snow mass has decreased in the last few years. Snow mass is “the amount of water released in the spring when the snow melts”. It is important for managing reservoir levels and mitigating floods.

“So this is the water that’s available for hydropower generation, for human consumption,” he said. “It’s also the snow melt that can provide a hazard through spring floods.”

wyoming-4786394Results of a study led by the Finnish Meteorological Institute showed “an average peak of 3,062 billion tonnes across the northern hemisphere between 1980 and 2018.

But in North America, the amount fell by about 46 billion tonnes per decade.

winter-3413824_1920While that doesn’t sound huge compared to the total snow, Derksen said, “it still gives us pause for concern over time because this is such an important water resource.”

There is still a long way to go in order to have a better understanding of how snow levels are changing. The implications of such study are crucial.

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